Corporate Shiatsu Chair and table massage are a popular service at Continuity Therapy. Located minutes from the centre of Nottingham, we work with businesses across the East Midlands.
Our chair massage is quick and convenient in any work place, requiring the same space as a regular office chair and is easy to assemble. Workers gain the benefits of massage without removing any clothing and a 10-15-minute session will leave them feeling rejuvenated and better poised to tackle work.
Mobile table massage requires a little more room to set up. Our tables are light and easy to transport and assemble, and treatments take between 20 and 30 minutes, allowing the lower body to be worked on, through clothing if required.
Corporate massage concentrates on the back, neck and shoulders – the muscles that suffer most from sitting for extended periods. Massage boosts blood flow to these
muscles, improving oxygen supply. Staff will be less likely to complain of headache and muscle aches and will appreciate your gesture of attending to their health needs.
With regular corporate massage you will find your staff have fewer sick days and will require less stress leave. Some employers use corporate massage as an incentive to get the best from their staff. It is a great way to increase morale and produce a calmer, happier work force.
Continuity Therapy can supply more than one therapist at each session, so more staff can be massaged in a shorter time frame, keeping disruption to a minimum.
Corporate massage is available at any time and at any workplace. Our professional, reliable and highly qualified therapists have experience working with most muscular
complaints and ailments.
Our senior therapists are also available to speak to your employees at staff meetings or functions about the benefits of massage.
For more info or to make a booking please contact Continuity Therapy  on 0115 9831582 or 07908 287098

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