Pamper your friends, family & yourself in the comfort of your own home. A massage party is designed to be a social experience, as much as a relaxing one. We provide the massage equipment; all you have to do is arrange a number of friends to turn up & provide a place to hold the party. A Pamper Party is a great idea for... Creating the ultimate night in for hen parties, birthdays & celebrations or just because you fancy getting your mates round for some well-deserved pampering. A package can be arranged to suit you. We also offer fun, short training courses to learn massage techniques & all guests will receive a certificate of attendance. 
First Step: Decide how many guests you would like to come to your Massage Pamper Party. Some Popular Choices are; 6, 8 or 12. 
Second Step: Decide the massage session time you would like to allocate per guest. Some Popular Choices are; 15min, 20min, 30min. 
Third Step: Choose your preferred treatment. Some Popular Choices are; Feet & Hands, Shoulders & Neck, Arms & Hands, Neck & Head, or Bach. If you would prefer lengthier treatments please look on the website for a variety of other holistic therapy treatments to choose from. 
Costs: You can choose to host a massage party as a gift to your friends & family or have everyone pay for their own services. Two professional therapists will join you for 2 hours, this will cost £200 & the host will receive a free massage voucher for booking the Pamper Party. 
Reservations & Payment: We accept cash or payment by PayPal. A non refundable deposit of 25% will be taken to secure the booking & full payment is required 2 weeks before the party commences. 
Preparation: We advise wearing fairly loose fitting clothing that can be easily removed and it is a good idea to remove necklaces and earrings prior to your treatment and clip your hair up away from your neck so that the therapist can start your massage as soon as you are on the couch.
Guests are asked to sign a treatments consent form at the start of the party / event which can be shown to the therapist before the treatment commences. Please refrain from drinking too much alcohol prior to your receiving your massage treatment. 
Receiving Your Massage: Some massage treatments will require the partial removal of clothing, the therapist will ensure that this is done discretely. You may wish to talk during your treatment or you may be so relaxed that you doze off. Don't worry, the therapist will be sensitive to your mood. Some areas of your body may feel tense and sensitive, please do give feedback to the therapist if their pressure is too much or not firm enough and especially if you discover that any area is painful in response to the massage. 
After The Treatment: You may feel a little fuzzy headed after your treatment, especially if you've not eaten much during the day. Make sure you take your time to regain your balance after your treatment. A glass of water will be useful to help you to re-hydrate. 
The Room and Equipment: Massages are best enjoyed in a quiet and private room away from the rest of the party. Bedrooms are usually ideal but any quiet room will be suitable. If the room is upstairs please bear in mind that massage couches can be quite heavy and bulky so if the stairs are difficult to negotiate a little help may be required or a downstairs room may be better. 
Massage couches are roughly 6 foot long and space is required around the couch for the therapist to manoeuvre. The therapist will provide towels for the massage treatments. 
Products Used: Massage therapists will usually use oils or creams (your therapist will check for allergies which you have a chance to mention on your consent form). If you select an Aromatherapy Massage then special Aromatherapy oils will be used although the availability of an Aromatherapy massage will depend on the therapist available and the number of other guests selecting an Aromatherapy massage. 
We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

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