Grooming for men is an essential part of life and here at Continuity Therapy, we offer fuss free treatments that deliver results to help keep you looking and feeling your best.
Men tend to shy away from waxing because they think it could be too painful, or too embarrassing but with the popularity of waxing and the development of new waxes, many men are option for a sexy and smooth look.  At Continuity Therapy, we are fully trained and understand the needs of body waxing for men.    We provide a safe and clean environment and our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.  We are one of the few therapy centres that offer Manzilian Waxing for men.
Therapy for Men
Gents Custom Pedicure 
Help keep your feet looking well maintained and clean with this treatment, which also includes a rejuvenating foot massage. This treatment includes a salt scrub, leaving your feet feeling amazing!
Gents Custom Manicure 
Your hands are one of the first areas that people will look at when they meet you and our fuss free manicure will keep your nails looking clean and tidy. 
Eyebrow Tidy
A quick tidy up to accentuate your eyes for a well groomed appearance. 
Our super-grooming facials do the job with fast results, working overtime to decongest the skin and provide ongoing protection. Our treatments take factors such as shaving habits into account to help prevent ingrown hairs and other skin problems unique to men.
A Continuity Therapy Facial for Men is designed to recharge and energise tired skin whilst relieving tension in the shoulders and neck area. The professional treatment uses advanced scientific formulations specifically targeted to male skin. 
One of the most popular male treatments, waxing helps to keep the skin looking naturally smooth and enhances muscle definition. A warm cream wax is applied to the skin and the hair is then removed. Afterwards a soothing lotion is applied to help calm the skin. Results last up to 8 weeks, compared to shaving which only lasts a day or two.
Does waxing hurt?
Waxing may be a little sensitive the first time you wax, as this is when your hair will be at its thickest. Waxing is quick so your Waxing Therapist will have your treatment done in the least amount of time as possible and not drag out the process.
What is involved in the waxing process?
Your Waxing Therapist will ask you a few questions, to make sure you have no allergies to the wax. We will ask about any medications you are taking. A clean and tidy waxing room with disposable spatulas, gloves, etc will be used.
Is Manzilian Waxing common?
YES! We do a lot of Manzilians and it is more common than you would think. I am sure this is not a topic of conversation for most guys. Your mates could have a Manzilian wax and you wouldn’t even know!
What is the difference between a back, sack and crack wax and a Manzilian?
Basically these are the same thing. A Manzilian wax or a back sack and crack wax are the same. All the hair in the pubic region is removed. This also includes the inner bottom area as well.
What does the full body wax include?
A full body wax is EVERYTHING. This is from the eyebrows down to even the little hairs on your toes. All hairs from your entire body is removed except for the hair on your scalp.
What medications can affect waxing?
Waxing is not recommended if you are taking anti-acne prescription medication, as this will make your skin very sensitive.
What is the best aftercare for waxing?
Just use an Aloe Vera gel if you are a little irritated or red. Just plain old soap and water is fine. If there is any wax left on your skin you can rub some oil into the skin and then cleanse the area with soap and water. 
Will I be embarrassed whilst the waxing treatment is done?
The first time you may be slightly embarrassed but your Waxing Therapist will put you at ease and you can ask  any questions that you like. Our dedicated waxing room is private and professional so rest assured you will receive the best possible treatment. 
How long after shaving can I get a wax?
You will have to wait a week or two until there is at least 3mm's of hair. The hair can be short, but it is best to leave the hair as long as possible. The usual time for after shaving is 2 weeks.
What are the benefits of waxing?
Your hair will grow back smoother and finer. Your wax will last from 4-6 weeks depending on hair type, hair growth and hair thickness. Waxing pulls the hair out by the dermal papilla or hair follicle. When you pull out the hair papilla (root) from the hair shaft it is gone completely. For your hair to grow back it needs to reproduce a new dermal papilla which takes time. The usual time for a new hair cycle to be waxed is 4-6 weeks. The longer you have been waxing, the less the hair growth and the slower your hair cycle. Most people would get waxing around the 6 week point.
When you get a Manzilian or Brazilian Wax done will they wax everything?
YES! All the hair in the pubic area will be removed. This includes the inner bottom area as well.
What exactly gets covered in a Brazilian Wax or Manzilian Wax?
A Manzilian Wax or a Brazilian Wax involves complete hair removal of the pubic area. This includes the inner bottom. It takes about 10 minutes for a Brazilian wax and 15 minutes for a Manzilian wax.
How long should my hair be?
At least 3mm's.
Will Hair Grow in Darker or Thicker Than It Was?
NO! Waxing pulls out the dermal papilla so the new hair that grows back will be finer and lighter. The more you wax the less the hair growth.

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